Jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

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If you are staying on the iOS version please refer to iOS 16 - 16.3.1 Jailbreak, iOS 15.6 - iOS 15.7.3 Jailbreak, iOS 15.5 Jailbreak, iOS 15.4 | 15.4.1 Jailbreak, and iOS 15 jailbreak pages.

Dopamine Jailbreak

Dopamine Jailbreak

Dopamine is a jailbreak tool that exclusively supports arm64e devices running iOS and iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1. Devices with an A12 chip or higher, such as the iPhone XS and newer models, fall under this category. Download Dopamine

DarkRa1n icon

DarkRa1n - iCloud Bypass Free Tool

DarkRa1n is the first free iCloud Bypass tool to remove the Activation Lock screen for iOS 15 – iOS 16.3.1 . Compatible iPhones and iPads (A9 - A11) Download Darkra1n v2.0 for iOS 15 to iOS 16.3.1.

Palera1n Jailbreak iOS 15 to 15.4.1

Palera1n Jailbreak iOS 15 to 16.3.1

Palera1n jailbreak is the first public iOS 15.0 - 16.3.1 semi-tethered checkm8 "jailbreak" tool. This is an early release, and using it on your main iPhone is not recommended. As for now, Palera1n jailbreak doesn't offer an option to use Cydia tweaks lacking the tweak injection feature. But you can use Sileo and install tweaks. Palera1n work in progress and the installation process isn't as user-friendly as other jailbreaks. Palera1n Jailbreak download link adding to

Cheyote Jailbreak iOS 15 to 15.1.1

Cheyote Jailbreak iOS 15 to 15.1.1

Zappfree Team Just Released !!! Virtual Cheyote Jailbreak For iOS 15 to 15.1.1.Get the best jailbreak feel for Cheyote Jailbreak with Virtual Cheyote Jailbreak for iOS 15 and iOS 16.3. Odyssey Team previews upcoming Cheyote jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1. Cheyote will be the first rootless jailbreak for iOS 15 to 15.1.1. The Odyssey Developer team is full of talent. Coolstar, 23Aron, Tihmstar, Amy While, and CRkatri are leading there. Cheyote jailbreak provides default install the Sileo package manager. Can't download the Chayote jailbreak right now. Cheyote jailbreak download link adding to Zappfree Jailbreak App Storeafter the released.

taurine jailbreak ios 15 | iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Taurine Jailbreak iOS 15

Taurine is a fast, best possible jailbreaking experience. Development is led by CoolStar. Taurine jailbreak is a semi-untethered Jailbreak for iOS 14 – iOS 14.3 and iOS 15 - 15.1.1 with the Sileo package manager. Taurine Jailbreak developer led by CoolStar tweeted that he is going to release a new Taurine Jailbreak iOS 15 – iOS 15.2. Hopefully, this will happen next few days. This may be supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.5. You can Download Taurine with zJBtool in Zappfree App store.

Cydia Pro for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Cydia Pro

Cydia Pro is the largest third-party app store installer available for the iOS platform that allows you to modify your iPhone in many attractive ways not provided by Apple. Cydia Pro provides users to install Cydia Games, Cydia Tweaks, Cydia Themes, Settings Hacker, lock screen themes, and more. Now you can Download Cydia Pro and experience the latest activations in Cydia.

Uncover for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Uncover virtual

Uncover virtual Jailbreak is the best alternative solution for Jailbreak iOS 15.3 and 15.3.1 . Uncover not supported for iOS 14.8.1 – iOS 15.3 and 15.3.1. But you can download Uncover alternatives with the Zappfree Jailbreak app store for these iOS versions. Just Install Uncover virtual

Checkra1n for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Checkra1n virtual

Checkra1n virtual is one of the best ways to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad if you have a compatible A7-A13 device. checkra1n 0.12.3 was released with support for iOS 14.5 and various bug fixes. Now you can have the feel to Checkra1n virtual jailbreak your iPhone and pad. Also you can Download Checkra1n virtual in Zappfree Jailbreak App Store. Checkra1n virtual works on the latest iOS 15.3.1 version. Just Install Checkra1n virtual.

Zappfree Repo Extractor - Roxy ++

Roxy ++ - Repo Extractor

Roxy ++ is the best Jailbreak repo extractor in the world. Using this, You can install Cydia, iOS Tweaks, ++apps, Jailbreak apps, 3rd party apps, tweaked apps and more extracting repos and get the uncommon experience. Now you can Download Roxy ++ with Zappfree.

tutubox for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

TuTuBox Lite

TutuBox Lite is a third-party installer with a good collection of apps and games, you also get other 3rd party app installers. It supports iOS 13 - 15.3.1. You don’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and you can easily download the jailbreak apps, games, tweaks on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. now you can Download TutuBox Lite with Zappfree.

Sideloadly Online for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Sideloadly Online

Sideloadly online is the best way to run 3rd party iOS apps (iPAS ) on your Apple devices. Compatible with iOS 15.3 + . Just Install the Sideloadly Online and get the uncommon experience.

zShortcuts for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1


zShortcuts is a collection of most popular Shortcuts. Shortcuts is a visual scripting application developed by Apple. Shortcuts provided on their iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS operating systems. If you are running Shortcut for the first time, you have to allow the untrusted shortcut option.
Install Guide Go to Gallery and install any default shortcut. Then go to Settings > Shortcuts > Allow untrusted shortcut. Then install below zShortcuts.

Settings Hacker for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1

Settings Hacker

Remove settings restrictions without jailbreaking. Think iOS defaults features and apps on your iPhone need an overhaul? Then try the new modern settings tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone. Settings Hacker available with Zappfree jailbreak app store. Just Install Settings Hacker and get the uncommon experience.

Keeper Tweaked App for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1


Keeper is a collection of Tweaked Apps. Lets you directly download great ++apps, tweaked apps, Jailbreak Tools and more for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. Get apps such as Zeon, TweakBox, zJailbreak Pro, TutuBox, AppValley and more. Keeper available with Zappfree jailbreak app store. Just Install the Keeper and get the uncommon experience.

Hackiz for jailbreak iOS 15.3 | 15.3.1


Hackiz is a next-generation jailbreaking experience. Hackiz support iOS 15 and iOS 15.3 and 15.3.1 is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. Hackiz available with Zappfree. Just Install the Hackiz and get the uncommon experience.

Frakyz-iOS Theme


Frakyz is a ios theme collection in the Zappfree jailbreak app store. You can have to customize your iOS homescreen using the Frakyz. Get ios themes such Felicity, Bladient, Echoes, Berry, Among OS, Flux Pro, Oreo, Avalon, Among US, Serenity, Pink Theme, Clean White, Circloid, Big Sur, Modern 6 SE, Dark, Simple Light and more.



Kizeer is a collection of most popular hacked games for your iOS device. lets you directly Download Hacked Games for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak. Get hacked games such as iPoGo, Grand Theft Auto, Clash of Clans Hack, Fortn1t3, Bitlife, Last Day On Earth Hack, Clash Royale Hack, Garena Free Fire Hack, Bully and more. Now Kizeer available on Zappfree jailbreak app store.

IPA Library Computer methods

 Jailbreak iOS 15.3 and 15.3.1

Zappfree IPA library is a best IPA spot for you. For your convenience, we have categorized them as follows,

Download the free over 500+ IPA's for your non-jailbroken iOS devices. You can have download all iOS iPA files, tweaks and ++ apps are free to download, without any redirects. Compatible with latest iOS 15.3 and 15.3.1 for iPhone and iPad.