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For iOS 6.0 - iOS 16.4.1

Loofamai is the world's only screwy pranks store for iOS devices and send them to your friends. Loofamai are highly advanced and different from rudimentary apple app store prank apps. Supported to the iOS 15.3.1 and iOS 15.5, 15.7.3, and iOS 16.4.1

Prank Apps For Free

Most Popular Pranks For iOS

Camera Prank


You can remove the default camera and replace the prank camera of your friend's devices just sending the loofamai camera updater link. This works with all jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Just send the link to anybody.

Siri Plus Prank

Siri Plus

You can disable the Siri of your friend's iOS devices. App asks them to set up the Siri again with more features with prank tasks. Just send the link to anybody.

Touch ID plus

Touch ID Plus

Touch ID plus app disable your friend's default Touch ID and passcode feature, and it gives some funny tasks to set Touch ID/passcode back. Send the link to anybody.

Loofamai AWC

Loofamai AWC

Loofamai automatic wallpaper changer disables your friend's default wallpapers changing option and changes wallpapers automatically. send the link to anybody.

App Uninstaller

App Uninstaller

This app disables your friend's default app deletion option, and it virtually deletes all apps and app data of them (They can recover the apps and app data again). send the link to anybody.

Free iTunes

Free iTunes

Free iTunes app replaces your friend's default iTunes app with Prank iTunes app. Just send the link to anybody.

News plus

News plus

Loofamai News plus app converts your friends News app with prank News. send the link to anybody.

Collection Of Prank Apps In Loofamai

Blast Eye

Blast Eye Download


Zombie Download

Angry Tiger

Angry Tiger Download


Breez Download

Fiar Blast

Fiar Blast Download

Fish Tank

Fish Tank Download

Jumping Frog

Jumping Frog Download

Kid Laugh

Kid Laugh Download

Light Buble

Light Buble Download


Mermaid Download


Numbrix Download

Pop Up Flower

Pop Up Flower Download

Sea Waves

Sea Waves Download

Sweet Virus

Sweet Virus Download

Tail Fall

Tail Fall Download